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Our values


·We are around teamwork – we’re different people, from different countries, different cultures but with one purpose – provide all the value your company needs.    

·We care about our work dynamic. Internally and facing our clients, it’s driven by respect.

·Our team goes beyond the agile cell you work with daily. The team is every single person at Acid Labs.


We strongly believe in what we do. We know that our efforts will positively impact technology challenges for you as a customer and your users. This purpose is what pushes us to always go beyond every day. 


We believe excellence is beyond perfection. The way we define excellence is by seeking to do the work the best possible way, always. So we can quickly evaluate our weaknesses and improve them as fast as we can.

Campaña Referidos

Te Pagamos $250.000 por cada referido

Si conoces a alguien del mundo TI;
completa el formulario para referirlo

Si cumple con los requisitos mínimos
para postular a una de las vacantes,
recibirás un mail informándote

El equipo de Selección se
contactará con tu referido y lo entrevistará

Si tu referido es seleccionado
por nuestro team para ocupar una vacante,
ganas una Gift Card de $250.000
para utilizar en Dcanje.cl

¿Conoces a alguien que
pertenezca al mundo del TI?


We’d love to hear from you! Let us help. We have the best software engineering team waiting for you.


+ 56 2 2946 2106


Suecia 0142, Providencia

Santiago, Chile


+ 1 7865917780


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Campaña Referidos