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Acid Development

Through technology we help you reach the next level within your industry.

Acid Agile

Accelerate your business by Scaling Agility and Agile Transformation, Framework Creation, and Agile Mindset.

Acid Experience

UX/UI Design focused on user satisfaction.

Acid DevOps

Our mission is to minimize errors, improve your productivity and deliver your product as fast as possible, with high quality standards.

Acid Quality

We use all available technologies and adapt our teams to the specific needs of our clients.

Acid Cloud

We provide high quality development and infrastructure. Scale your business within a new environment quickly and without issues.

Acid People

We manage the selection and hiring process to secure the highest quality IT professionals for your projects.

Acid XR

Be Virtual with Augmented Experience Reality. Imagine, create and deliver a unique and innovative experiences for your clients.


The acceptable or the excellent?

That’s the dilemma our founders were faced with whilst studying at university. Carlos and Gert discussed this at length. They realized life’s not like school. You don’t want a provider that barely meets expectations but one that exceeds them. They concluded: “We should demand more of ourselves” which ended up being our initial slogan. That’s the basis on which Acid Labs was founded.

Success Stories

Sky Airline

Developed tools and channels to improve self-service. Added flexibility at no cost to the end-users.


App Picking: Developing an app for picker/shoppers in JUMBO supermarkets. Developed self-service “Help Center” for


Backend development of new
functionalities for “Extended Catalog” and “Checkout”
Picking Tool (App) for collaborators.

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Acid Blog

¿Qué son las certificaciones AWS?

Roddy Vitali, Desarrollador FullStack de ACID LABS, nos compartió la experiencia que vivió al rendir la certificación AWS Practitioner ¡Felicitaciones Roddy! ¿Qué son las certificaciones AWS? ¿Cómo lo llevaste a cabo? Las certificaciones AWS son una forma de medir los conocimientos sobre el proveedor Cloud de Amazon, hay 4 niveles de certificación: Practitioner, Associate, Professional y

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Phishing, un dolor de cabeza para la ciberseguridad

En un verdadero dolor de cabeza se ha convertido el phishing para las áreas de seguridad informática en las empresas, el cual busca engañar a los usuarios para que entreguen información privada como contraseñas o claves temporales de seguridad, haciéndose pasar por otra persona o institución de confianza mediante un correo o llamada. Según un

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Transformación Digital

Para ir resumiendo un poco todos nuestros encuentros, hemos visto ya hasta el momento que: La cultura organizacional juega un papel super importante en los procesos de transformación digital, y cómo sin generar un cambio cultural que sea representado por los líderes, esta puede fracasar en cualquier momento. Que siguiendo con este cambio cultural, el

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We’d love to hear from you! Let us help. We have the best software engineering team waiting for you.


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